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"I had intense pain from a muscle spasm on my entire left back that usually happens in winter. I had an appointment for the Clock and Stairs training with my Team Mentor that I did not want to cancel. As we completed the training, she asked if I knew what triggered that pain. I told her it was the cold. However, upon digging a little deeper, it turned out that it was..."

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Virinder (Pam) Grewal BSW Coach/Client

"To anyone, who is in need of a life-changing event to help them overcome depression, PTSD, or any other visible or invisible wounds, please read on. I grew up in a dysfunctional low income family and was a victim of major child-hood sexual trauma abuse and bullying, this led me into a life of being in street gangs in Chicago and major depression while on many prescription drugs and medical therapy. However.."

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Mike Morales Veteran US Marine Corps

"Because of BSW's (brain stimulated wellness) techniques, I no longer have long states of hyper anxiety. These BSW neurokinesis techniques as well as the coaches at BSW have given me the TOOLS aka techniques and COURAGE to get to the center of the storm, to myself- where my personal power and discernment lives. I am incredibly grateful for this experience as well as for being able to walk around in the world knowing that I have tools that are safe..."

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Laurel Pearson BSW Coach

I have a confession to make...I was on the fence about the HT... up until today. One of my practice clients had a brother that committed suicide this past week. I showed my client the HT a week ago. We even talked about how I could work with his brother. Unfortunately, that didn't happen soon enough. But using the HT, I got to help my client work through some of the tough stuff the survivors feel. I'm feeling grateful to be in the right place at the right time for him. I have a new respect for and confidence in the HT. Feeling grateful.

Phyllis G. Coach


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