Our Donation to Participating Organizations

In Our First eBook Contest

“What’s Wrong With My Daddy?”


BSW Academy USA, Inc. is donating one dollar ($1.00) from the sale of each eBook by a Participating Organization in the Illustrations Contest for “What’s Wrong with My Daddy?”  Our donation is in recognition of their participation in our efforts to empower kids everywhere. The book is available on-line for only $3.99.

This contest is part of our campaign toward “Breaking the Silence on Violence.” We are proud to be a part of making a difference for the children, parents, families and educators in the local community around these organizations.

BSW Academy, Inc. is on mission to train enough coaches and other professionals in our neurokinesis techniques to ensure communities have access to a safe permanent solution for trauma, anxieties, PTSD, and other challenges. Our technique eliminates the symptoms without risking addictions. No medication is needed to get results in weeks rather than years. People of every age can get these results. Children rapidly respond to knowing they have a skill that can be self-administered at anytime and anywhere; as soon as the child needs it.  Read our Study and our very successful pilot project in schools.

Barbara Hennessy


BSW Academy USA, Inc.

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