Jo Spencer

“When I saw the statistics for how many people, in particular children, experience violence in their daily lives, I was astounded. My first thought was, how do these children who see violence on a daily basis cope? Do they turn to their family, friends, school or church? Who do they talk to? What effect will these bottled up feelings and emotions have on their well-being now and in the future? The answers to these questions are heartbreaking. Children have only one childhood. They deserve to have a childhood free of fear. “

“I wrote What’s Wrong with My Daddy? to give children a chance to hear that they are not alone, a chance to talk about their own fears and experiences, and a chance to get the help they need. The illustration contest for this eBook provides these chances. A pilot project conducted by BSW Academy USA, Inc. in public schools during the 2017-18 school year has demonstrated that children welcome these opportunities to talk about their fears and learn coping skills in a safe environment. In just three weeks, students were showing marked improvement in behavior, anxiety and academics. They were visited by “The Brain Lady” and founder of BSW Academy, Inc., Karen Sabourin, and she taught them how to use their magnificent brains to produce positive changes in their lives. We want to share the message with every child that help is now available and give each one of them the opportunity to learn the skills necessary to power their own brains for success!

~ Jo Spencer

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