Elementary School Pilot Project – Washington state

Three public schools in Washington state permitted one of our coaches to present the curriculum for introducing 3 of the 6 BSW Interventions in classrooms. We used the award-winning content that we have used since 2002 for the HomeGrown Heroes Club. The initial head count was 24 elementary students. After these students told other students about how the Interventions helped them, the total rose to 78 – 82 students within the first 3 weeks.


The students were taught the 3 BSW techniques on Zoom Classroom by the originator. The students were also taught the HomeGrown Heroes Pledge for learning how to make the right choices, for the right reasons, in the right way. Each week, the students were taught how to integrate these techniques into their daily home life. The students were encouraged to earn a Certificate for being able to demonstrate they could self-administer these techniques.


Silent, exhausted, scared kids opened-up during their weekly on-line / on-screen class with the originator; voluntarily sharing about how much the techniques helped them every day. The students were amazed at how much using the techniques throughout their day helped them cope with fear, anxiety, panic, shame, and violence. Some stories were shocking when the kids said what the incident was, that they used the techniques for dealing with their fears. All the stories told each of the listening kids what it was possible to survive if they continued to use the techniques to help them the minute they needed help.


The kids were so grateful and openly demonstrated their appreciation more and more each week. The kids nicknamed the originator, “The Brain Lady” and the BSW Coach “the Soothing Lady”. They voluntarily shared the techniques at home and in their community. More and more kids asked to attend the on-line classes with the originator talking to them about how the techniques could help them.


Based on the significant results in improved behavior, plus their improved participation in every subject, plus the measurable improvement in learning capacity that could be confirmed by the teachers, the administration stated that they were getting busy to organize the funding to do this as a 7 year activity program. All of this occurred over 5 weeks, May – June, 2018.

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