I’m a Certified BSW Health and Wellness Practitioner and a retired Board-Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with over thirty years in health care. I have a BS, Masters, and Doctorate in Nursing.

During my Nursing career, I served on the Hospital Ship Comfort as a Nurse Officer. I   developed and implemented “Wellness” programs while serving in the Navy.

I also served in the United States Public Health Service. During that time, I held the position as the Division Director for Community Health Services which included the department of the Outpatient Nursing, Inpatient Nursing, Public Health Nursing, Social Services and Health Education. I served on the National Board of Nursing for Indian Health Services and the Nurse Consultant for the Tucson, Arizona area.

I am also the wife of a retired Navy SEAL. I have seen the devastation trauma can have and I am here to ensure that every coach is thoroughly trained enough to consistently achieve immediate results, and to excel at getting the long-term benefits that literally change lives. As a medical professional, I am driven to get these exclusive BSW Neurokinesis Techniques available to every household.

Cherell Holladay

BSW Health & Wellness Officer