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It’s so simple, yet the rewards wonderful. I am a novice in programming, but thanks to Courselog, no more.”

We are currently updating our website. During this time you can still register for our 104 week program, Second Income program, as well as enroll in any of our classes.

The BSW Second Income Program motto is:

 “Funding Wellness In Your Household So That Your Personal Wellness Is Fully Funded”

Nurses and their support staff are working many hours of many shifts every week, due to shortage of staff and the demand from the pandemic and the economic crisis. Often times these extra hours increase the costs more than the overtime income adds to a paycheck.  Exhaustion, burnout, and overwhelm become the biggest threat to the “quality of life”. Suicide becomes enticing as a relief from the emptiness and the senselessness of saving others while losing your “self”.

Too often, the nurses are treated like they can snap their fingers and end their condition. Some have doctors who prescribe stimulants and “numbing” sources. Others are slowly drawn into self-medicating. Addiction comes as a way of staying alive. No one can simply take time off to get better. Once the person has run out of the energy to defend their life, death is less scary than trying to stay alive. Guilt becomes the overwhelming emptiness that can no longer justify staying alive.

Many people think this stage is caused by depression. Others are treated for oppression and suppression. The toughest thing to understand is that these conditions are felt early in the stage when there is still available energy. Once the energy has rundown so low, that there is not enough energy to even feel afraid of not getting well enough to explain to others that you are already gone. Your exhaustion is so overwhelming that you cannot get you to show up for you. Too often this final stage is seen by others as you being calm.

Usually, the “calm” indicates the acceptance of “the way it is” or “there is never going to be help available”. The individual is conceding to peacefully accept there is no hope for a better situation. Sadly, these people will go ask loved ones to go out with them on a fun event. Or take flowers to loved ones. Or say compliments and Thank You’s to community members. The statistics show that within 10 days you will have quietly committed suicide.

I have had this happen in so many families. It often sets off a series of suicides within the family members and best friends who blame themselves for not seeing the warning signs. Many take 2 to 3 years to either accept that the person was finally at peace, OR , had “nothing left to give” to anyone that would benefit others.

The deceased’s acceptance made them structure their “departure” as if they were going on a trip. They pack up belongings to donate. They close bank accounts and pay all of their debts. They purchase a burial or cremation from a local funeral home. Some even take their pets to the ASPCA.

In short, the family members and loved ones are caught in their own pain and their rage at the “calm” being deceptive in their eyes. The importance is to understand the cellular science of this ritual. Their exhaustion taught them to get through their days by “rote” behaviors. This disassociation became a habit. The only days that registered were the days that hurt worse than before their rote behavior became a solution of sorts.

Please understand this. The rote behavior gave you more time with the deceased person than most survivors understand. It is on average 2 years or 104 weeks. The life span of the stem cells that were alive when they went on rote being replaced by the stem cells not having any “demand” for a future.

The BSW Second Income Program is designed to stimulate your ability to seek a different type of help. If you or a co-worker or someone you love, no longer gets upset or reacts to the painful situations, be sure to engage in a proactive process. Our Second Income Program offers the two primary solutions for all forms of exhaustion, all forms of neurological regression that cause burn-out, and the overwhelm that dictates “the end”???

If you don’t know how to get out of the rote behavior, please listen.

 Your inner voice must be restored. Your “story” has to be learned and found to be the aha moment that awakens you to your “wellness factor”. The “wellness factor” has to be given the opportunity to restore your willingness to “care” about you enough to take care of you. Wanting to get out of “needing to need or being needed” is the spiraling down into nothingness, unless you can get a new identity that prompts you to see a future “YOU”.  The point is this, you need a different type of stimuli . You need to find a “higher version “ of the you that chose to be a nurse. (NOTE: We are not recruiting you to leave your job!) Instead, we will help you become a well-paid hero to the nursing community and your friends and family. Your “wellness factor” will be your solution that helps nurses every where in the world to become a “wellness professional” that knows how to resolve the exhaustion, the burnout, and the overwhelm … proactively! The BSW Second Income Program will pay you very well for an hour that teaches others about the “wellness factor”.

Careers and jobs that are primarily about taking care of others are very important to every community. Oftentimes doctors are seen as taking care of patients. While there is a polite caregiving approach in many doctors’ practices, the focus is not on caretaking. The nurses have that task. It is important to identify the difference between treatment and caregiving. The frontal lobe activity is stimulating conclusions to questions for a diagnosis. Caregiving can be simulated without stimulating the frontal lobe sufficiently enough to experience a conclusion or a deductive reasoning process. Rote behavior is not a stimulus.

Surgeons can have the same issue begin to wear down their ability to recognize the difference between being tired of being bored or being exhausted. Monotony is a definite source of weariness. Weariness can be mistaken for exhaustion. All forms of exhaustion lead to burnout. Burnout leads to overwhelm. When you are able to address the process of getting into this spiral, you will be able to explain it to every single person who is caught in the same “nothingness” following the pandemic, and the wars, and the economic crisis, and the technology that makes it easy to be awake 24/7/ 365. The loss of sleep, a good sleep is the source of negative reactive states that contribute to the isolation or the addictions or both.

The “wellness factor” can be taught in 28 days! It can be experienced in 35 seconds once you learn our BSW techniques that you use the second you feel stressed. This is not a therapy! BSW is a neurological messenger that trains the brain to be able to eliminate the perceptions that start the journey into the “overwhelm”. The brain can be taught how to purge the brain plasma, by using the BSW neurological touch patterns that you learn to self-administer the second you need the “wellness factor” activated.

The BSW “Wellness Factor” Training is what we will train every single person in this agreement for benefiting nurses and the support staff. This program does not use medication of any type. Nor does it interfere with any type of medications or treatments. Brain Stimulated Wellness uses the brain, and the brain helps the mind address the benefits of the brain techniques in the “now”. The human body experiences the sense of peace that comes when the correct BSW technique is used to define the individual at the best version of their true self. Elation is an experience of the true truths. The conscience is no longer harmed by the idea of not being able to choose to “BE” the best version of the self.

Mind based therapies are not as efficient as the BSW interventions because there is no need to discuss the causes, nor the experiences, especially the therapies that require the patient to relive the pain. Becoming numb to the pain is too often the source of the burn out. Burn out happens when the numbing factor overrides the person’s need to learn the science of behaviors. Character is often damaged when fads normalize the patterns of behavior that come from the chemistry in the blood.

Nanotechnology has been able to awaken the mind to the fact that that so called “true choice” can only occur when you are informed correctly. Blaming the self for repetitive behaviors makes the idea of adapting actually become the adopting of the behavior. Discernment is the nagging issue that draws the person’s attention to outside solutions. Burnout leads to accepting solutions that are numbing the conscience and dulling the consciousness. Sleep disturbances are the effort of the brain to bring these concerns to surface in the form of dreams and nightmares. Nano technology has also proven that the bone marrow contains “the learning history” of 10-14 generations. Practicing the BSW techniques consistently every time a behavior distorts the view of behaviors, produces the chemical formulas that preserve life and relationships with all forms of life.


The BSW Techniques Literally Save Lives 24/7

The BSW Techniques do not cause the person to become numb or dulled to the implications of accepting behaviors that are caused by the intake or production of chemicals that trigger reactive states.  The 104 week BSW Intervention achieves the clarity of how to recognize the inequity that causes harm to the “self” and others. No punishment is required.

Discipline is developed by utilizing the patterns of stem cells developing into the type of cell that meets the body’s needs efficiently. Our clients who have intentionally learned to use the BSW techniques to become the best version of the self, are amazed at the results. Immediately is the feeling of being able to “see” and “feel” the true truth. The alerting when a behavior is not beneficial to either the “wellness factor” or the awakening of the awareness that is needed in order to learn to learn rather than react negatively.

Learning to respond rather than react is what we have learned is the prompting that becomes vital to enhancing the quality of life in this very moment. Suicide or homicide is no longer an option. Literally 100’s of thousands of people’s lives have been saved by making the brain have the opportunity to experience these truths.

Our YouTube channel turns on this awareness – www.closingthedoortosuicide.com