“To anyone, who is in need of a life-changing event to help them overcome depression, PTSD, or any other visible or invisible wounds, please read on. I grew up in a dysfunctional low income family and was a victim of major child-hood sexual trauma abuse and bullying, this led me into a life of being in street gangs in Chicago and major depression while on many prescription drugs and medical therapy. However, I had no criminal record and was able to serve in the Marines wanting to earn the benefits of education to become a law enforcement officer and while in infantry training received traumatic brain injuries which caused an honorable discharge from active service. It was hard for me to work all these years, especially with the death of my only biological child ever, which made me more suicidal than the death of mom just before Covid-19. This led me into a life of having no living family left or real friends nearby who cared, so I moved to another state.  

While driving to my overnight security job from NW Indiana to Chicago in the winter, I was hit by a drunk driver with my service dog and was unconscious sent to the emergency hospital by ambulance in Gary, IN and had lots of injuries. I returned back to work on light duty and then Covid 19 started and my contract job of many years closed down permanently and I became homeless but had my Service Dog Rocky. I was off and on many prescriptions causing me to have lots of seizures and wanting to totally end my life. However, I was looking for hope and healing of any kind. As a last resort, an online friend directed me to go to: closingthedoortosuicide.com which I felt the need to contact them because the videos are compassionate. Jo Spencer did a BSW Suicide Prevention session on me while I was in my car with my service dog, they sent out Paul McMickle, a Purple Heart Vietnam Army Vietnam Combat Veteran who drove over an hour from Chicago to Indiana to meet me who taught me the BSW Hand Technique. It was then, my life had hope again, they helped save my life, the Brain Stimulated Wellness Neurokinesis Intervention System saved my life. I cannot thank everyone at BSW enough for the help, encouragement, and genuine love I receive during my heartfelt coaching sessions.  I hope to give back by helping others, by becoming a member of their large team of life saving coaches who prevent people from committing suicide with much loving honor.”

Sincerely and Respectfully;

Mike Morales, Veteran US Marine Corps