Summary Description of BSW Techniques for Publication

Brain Stimulated Wellness uses 6 specific neurokinesis techniques that act on the brain, instead of engaging the mind.  The precise combination of using these 6 techniques is called the BSW (Brain Stimulated Wellness) Intervention.

These 6 BSW techniques are defined as “neurokinesis” because each technique utilizes the existing “brain to body to brain” mechanics. The BSW techniques immediately activate the neurons (and neuroglia) that communicate directly from the body to the brain and back to the body. The key to the positive results we achieve is that the BSW message triggers a response in the brain rather than a reactive alert. BSW teaches the brain how to efficiently respond to the “need”. The achievement of positive results is experienced as a “win” and thus neutralizes the historic reaction to the stressor; and does so within mere seconds.

The historic “reactive state” within the body is also neutralized in that moment. If the client repeats the BSW technique every time the negative reaction occurs, it only requires a few weeks for the brain to prioritize how to respond rather than react. Responding efficiently in the “now” changes the previous perception of the negative experience. The brain no longer experiences the need to “fight or flight or freeze” to survive. The brain ONLY functions in the “now” so the results happen “now”. Learning the way to consistently get these positive results enhances the efficiency of the brain.

From the first session, the client is taught how to self-administer the appropriate BSW technique to immediately relieve the effects of the negative reaction to stressors and to do so in the “now”. Both the “source” and the “cause” of the negative reaction are no longer seen as a threat to the survival of the client. Instead, it is a repeated experience of winning.

Consistently using BSW ensures that the brain is trained to be “responsive rather than reactive.” By consistently self-administering one or more of these 6 simple techniques as soon as it is needed, ANYONE can be taught how to eliminate the negative symptoms of panic, depression, suppression; even the severe symptoms associated with trauma such as PTSD; and hyper-anxiety, OCD. Severe suicidal tendencies can be eliminated with a specific BSW technique. No one has committed suicide out of 87,000 clients that have received the BSW suicide intervention. Not even young people who admit to being committed to a suicide pact.

Our 2016 Study of 60,000 client responses proves all of these positive results are achieved without the use of medications or drugs.

The BSW Intervention allows clients to have a “no content” based session with a Life Enhancement Coach. During the session clients will often experience immediate relief from symptoms. Clients who learn the BSW skills have these skills for the rest of their life to use whenever and as often as is needed.