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Discover One of the Best learning University.

It’s so simple, yet the rewards wonderful. I am a novice in programming, but thanks to Courselog, no more.”

We are currently updating our website. During this time you can still register for our 104 week program, Second Income program, as well as enroll in any of our classes.

BSW Second Income Programs

We provide multiple ways for you to learn and earn 

  • Please be advised, we are NOT recruiting you away from your current employer.

BSW Hand Technique


Learn our BSW Techniques and the many possible applications, including becoming certified to do patients.

BSW Live Blood Test


Learn to analyze the before and after blood tests to show the effectiveness of the BSW Techniques.

Blood Test Licensing

We need labs, chiropractor offices, physio therapy clinics, and anyone else who has the right to do live blood tests on humans, in any jurisdictions in the USA.

BSW Expert Witness

We have partnered with SEAK to provide you with industry leading Expert Witness Training through our Witness Prep program.

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Employers resolve traumas such as the pandemic in a maximum of 104 weeks. Incl Trauma Resolution, Injuries on the Job, Co-worker Disputes

School Nurses

School nurses will have access to the vetted Classroom Behavior Management program that has been proven effective at benefiting every student regardless of their household conditions.

Webinars and Podcasts

Provide demonstrations of the BSW Techniques for our Compassionate Amnesty™ program.

Well Paid Available Positions

We Need You!

Community Grown Heroes

Classroom Behavior Management